Dr. Dimento
Videographer | Cinematographer | Video Editor

Award Winning

 29th Annual
 Telly Awards*

  Dr Dimento Media Man



Award Winning Cinematographer*

Dr Dimento (fictitious name) is a digital video and cinema production DP that has multiple high definition (HD) Canon professional video cameras and Canon FULL FRAME (4K) HD-DSLR's to capture and create HD and SD video for your production needs and dynamic photographic stills.  Full time video experience includes: regular broadcast productions, commercials, infomercials, documentaries, events, weddings, music videos, and award winning movie shorts .. with over 400 Broadcast programs that have been viewed worldwide and over 1,000 video productions since 2005.



Canon XA20's 1920 x 1080 HD
Canon 6D's FULL FRAME 35MM

Sennheiser Wireless Lav's
A-T Condenser Shotgun's

Arri  & LED ights and stands
Pro tripods, steady cam,
Fig-Rig, audio mixing,
Cam Dolly, Cam C-Stands,
and more grip gear!


>> EDITING & CREATIVITY >> Dr D's editing suite includes Apple's high end MacBook SSD system with Adobe's Master Suite and Apple's Final Cut Pro Studio 3 to edit output in SD and Full High Definition 1920 x 1080 HD Blu Ray.  With o library of royalty free audio/music and animation graphics and a suite of Hollywood effects, your final project is assured to be - stunning - compelling - and effective.

>> LIGHTING & SOUND >> Lighting and audio are complemented with Arri and LED lighting and professional Sennheiser wireless lavs and Audio-Technicia condensers.

>> ADD TO ALL THIS . . A current Passport, multiple modes of transportation, an "on site" large "live in" motor home, and of course physically able, Dr D can shoot your project working on a first come first serve basis

*Excellence in Cinematography in the 2008 Telly Awards


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